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How to Write Your Audiology Letter of Intent for Grad School

When Audiology grad programs choose students they will be investing time, energy, and their program budget towards this student. They want to know that this investment will be a good one. Are you a good investment?

Being a good investment means:

  • You will graduate
  • You will be able to overcome adversity (grad school is 4 years of nonstop adversity)
  • You’ll represent yourself well in the community
  • You’ll make them proud with your work and your legacy

Everyone applying loves the field of audiology, is passionate/strong willed/a hard worker, what makes you different?

What shows that you are willing to fight for accomplishments and achievement? Where have you proven your track record over overcoming adversity? 

How to talk about the not so good stuff

Address any problems they may find in your application package, take accountability and don’t seek pity. Then talk what steps you did to change and make sure it did not happen again. 

Tone of the Letter

Your letter should be professional, respectful, somewhat creative, and not boring.

How can you tell your back story as an emotional narrative in an adult and professional manner? 

My Letter of Intent for Audiology

My letter of intent talked about my experiences working with kids in Autism. I said I was interested in researching Autism and auditory processing and possibly developing software where kids with Autism could do auditory training. 

Did I end up doing this? No, but who knows I could one day! It took my experience and interests and presented them in a way that set me apart as a student who wants to make a difference and work on solving interesting problems.

What do you imagine yourself contributing to the field? 

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