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Traits of an Excellent Student Clinician

Are you an audiology student who wants to stand out in clinic? Here’s some traits that in my opinion make an EXCELLENT student clinician:


Show me you’re excited to be here and learn! Be curious! Ask me a million questions! Show me you’re putting together what you’re learning in class to what you’re seeing in clinic!


Show up a few minutes early and review the schedule. Have an idea about who’s coming in that day and what you’re doing. Make some notes so you remember. In between patients read the next chart looking for important info (as a clinician you do this all day everyday!). Prep the rooms, calibrate equipment, clean as you go, and always be looking for ways to be helpful.

Takes feedback and makes changes

If a supervisor tells you to do something a certain way, make a note and always do it that way for them. Ask for feedback and what you could be doing better.

Treats patients with kindness and respect

Be mindful if some judgmental thoughts come up. Assume people are doing their best.


Being a clinician means lots of critical thinking, but make sure you’re being more curious than critical or cynical.

Always triple check reports

You’re going to use a lot of report templates which means it’s SUPER important to check and re-check your work over and over. When you’re finished with a report always read it from beginning to end one more time and double check the spelling of names and dates.

Free PDF Printable Version

Here is a free PDF Printable version that you can print, email, and share with anyone you’d like. I only ask that you please keep my @ListenWithLindsay watermark on the document. Thanks!

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